Club 360


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Club 360 is a personal development program for girls and young women aged nine and up that teaches them to live by integrity, honor, and self-respect through an array of creative, interactive, and inspirational content and events.

Online members have access to exclusive blogs and forums, videos, contests, and challenges that encourage members who participate to adopt the Club’s core values as their own and to experience new things. Each month features a new theme with original content and brand new challenges and events.

Club 360 has an offline component alongside its online program that allows online members within relative proximity of other online members to come together and form a Club 360 chapter. Together they are able to participate in the same discussion forums, contests, community service activities, and club events that the founding chapter based in Tampa, Florida participate in. Although chapter participation is not necessary to reap the benefits of being a Club 360 member the chapter environment helps to foster the sense of community that Club 360 strives to create online.